The Cames is pleased to present you the new

Cooking Press

Press used for mold tests at our headquarters.
The equipment test test is an integral part of the supply.
During the test, it will be possible to produce the first sampling of the molded parts.

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Dimensions: 2550×1680 mm
  • Maximum light: 1180 mm MAX  T120
  • Served by: Fluid oil temperature control tem.max 300°c hot plans

Cames is pleased to present you the new

Milling and boring machine

Milling machine with fixed bench and mobile upright goglio mod.rtx 30


Technical features:
The universal machine equipped with a series of tableFixed-bed milling machine and transverse mobile upright. More precisely, the table performs longitudinal movement while the upright performs the transversal movement, in constant and total support during its travel. The RTX has a continuous rotary table in place of the fixed rectangular table. Furthermore, the RTX is equipped with a bi-rotary head as standard, which allows the greatest fl exibility during machining.

  • automatic indexed bi-rotating head
  • hydrostatic rotating table
  • worktop 2200 × 1500 mm stroke 3000x1700x1800h mm
  • increase in workload capacity 400 monthly