Cames is a technological partner that offers to its clients the possibility to verify and validate every single choice throughout the production, both from the technical and economical point of view.

Cames manages the entire production process from the start through to the final product, including development and planning to the management of the entire production cycle.

We are specialized in production of moulds for soundproof and heatproof materials using steel, block or aluminium, with the possibility to include air-cooling circuits, steam and vacuumchannelsand also various kinds of cutting blades.

For the elaboration of the product we use numerical control milling machines for 3000×1700×1800 with a max weight of 8000 kg.

We have also the possibility to insert hydraulic carriages to create areas of undercut or vertical axisdies.

  • 3D CAD – CAD design programs
  • possibility to modify the piece’s mathematics to make it printable, removing any undercuts and adjusting the perimeter flattening
  • CNC milling cutters, for maximum travel dimensions 3000 x 1700 x 1800H block weight max. 8000 kg
  • we are specialized in the production of molds for soundproofing and heat protection in steel, block aluminum or cast aluminum
  • possibility of inserting conditioning circuits, steam circuit and vacuum
  • various types of cutting blade systems, for Woostock, porous, aluminum and thermoplastic materials
  • we have the possibility to insert hydraulic trolleys to create undercuts or vertical punches
  • realization of fabric tensioning systems for the elimination of folds on the piece
  • control gauges
    • CTR mold